When youth age out of foster care they are most of the time left with little to no support. We have continued to see the need that these youth have as they make the transition to adulthood. There are many who want to provide services, but not a lot of opportunities for them to develop true community and life-long support as they become the people they were created to be. Without a family or other supports, many of young people face difficulties as they TRANSITION INTO ADULTHOOD,  including homelessness, lack of education, unemployment, ETC. We want to BEGIN MAKING CONNECTIONS AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. We want to see TRANSITIONAL AGED YOUTH not only survive, but also thrive and become leaders who can impact the community around them.                                                                                              

Starting October 13th, we will offer a weekly connect night for transitional aged youth to gather for a meal and connection.

CONNECT NIGHT: THURSDAYS @ 7 PM ---  2223 B ST  ---    AGES 16-24